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Our Investment: $120.00
Minimal Spend: $20
Referral: 2.5%-
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Online: Nov 19th, 2017 (85 D)
Monitored: 85 Days
Last Paid: Nov 21st, 2017
35% 35%
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5.0 / 7 votes
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HOURVV IO LTD Program Description

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HOURVV LIMITED specializes in the trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies. With the advent of Bitcoin our traders paid attention to the volatile fluctuations of its exchange rate and realized the prospects of a new type of electronic currency. From this moment we are focused on the study the features of work on crypto exchanges and conduct trading activity.

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Dec 18th, 2017 11:54 AM
Date: 18.12.2017 14:16:47 ID: 446885809 Details: P78375281 ? P10427011 Amount: 9.80 USD Comment: Withdraw to edpr2140 from hourvv.io
Very Good Anglijsk
Dec 14th, 2017 05:49 PM
Hourvv.io pays instant. Внутренняя транзакция API Transaction ID: 4cfd4c67-73ef-47a3-9188-c6508de1e6fd От: bospume@gmail.com 15 Dec, 00:18 Сумма: 5.93 USD Примечание: Withdraw to Toronto from hourvv.io
Very Good xxxxx@hyips.bz
Nov 21st, 2017 02:34 PM
Payment Received
Very Good xxxxx@hyips.bz
Nov 19th, 2017 04:31 AM
Payment Received

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Change new template,hope you can like us. All RCB was processed russian language will be added sooner. Start our monitoring service HYIPs.bz Monitor. Now everyone can get the highest Rcb from our monitoring.

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AK47.CAPITAL 10.0 Mar 20th, 2018
i love the concept, also the admins of this program are helpful... two thumbs up!
AK47.CAPITAL 10.0 Mar 20th, 2018
Ready to rumble! Daily shot received!
Algobit Ltd 10.0 Mar 20th, 2018
The first payment received from Hashearn.com Service by schedule : The amount of 74 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13486469->Uxxxxxxx Memo: API Payment. withdraw to dumny from algobit.biz. Date: 01:03 20.03.18. Batch: 209018726
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Algobit Ltd 10.0 Mar 20th, 2018
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JOER INVESTMENT 7.0 Mar 20th, 2018
Payment Received
Algobit Ltd 10.0 Mar 19th, 2018
Algobit.biz is not my Fav company. $100 Received into my bitcoin address. Deposit again now $100 Will post payment proof again when receive payment. Five Start for this program. It is Realy awesome.
Algobit Ltd 10.0 Mar 19th, 2018
Instant Payment Received AS USUAL.. The amount of 58.61 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13486469->U5908762. Memo: API Payment. withdraw to chandimal from algobit.biz .. Date: 02:56 19.03.18. Batch: 208973017.
Algobit Ltd 10.0 Mar 19th, 2018
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AK47.CAPITAL 10.0 Mar 19th, 2018
I received the profit. The amount of 1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U8501575->U108185aaa. Memo: API Payment. AK47 daily shot for deposit USD25, payout 6/50. Thank you!.. Date: 05:12 19.03.18. Batch: 208779431.


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