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Poker Automatics
Our Investment: $160.00
Minimal Spend: $10
Referral: 5%
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Online: May 31st, 2014 (635 D)
Monitored: 635 Days
Last Paid: Feb 8th, 2016
62% Payout: 62%
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9.8 / 168 votes
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Investment Plans: 0.4%-1.3% daily,Share of Profit: 40%-80%,Terms: 30-180 days

Poker Automatics Program Description

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Welcome to the , a system that will change your life! POKER AUTOMATICS is automatic system for gaining guaranteed passive income from online poker24 hours per day 7 days a week without human participation.You don’t need any experience or skill to play poker. Forget about risks!Deal with your favorite things, enjoy life. And entrust money management to... robots!Robots, which have being earning daily profit from online poker for more than 3 years.Create an account, make a deposit and watch the sum in your account growing every daywithout your participation.Withdraw profits in any convenient way at any convenient time. Learn more →Create an Account → Poker Automatics - Results 2011-2014 (%, per month) Testimonials Thanks. This program is perfect. I just get paid today. EricLan I don't see any reason not to invest here,great site with high earning. magdeburg Best program ever! tsay101 Site send payment right on time to me. Hope it stay here for a long time. Great program for me.

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pend my withdrawal for 2days and later blocked my account.
DMHOURLY 4.0 Jun 19th, 2018
I invest 302$ in 155% plan after 1 day i does not recive my payment i don’t khow why but i just recive 1.51$ after 1 day . i lost my 302$ . Earnings 0.5%. SCAM
Algobit Ltd 10.0 Jun 18th, 2018
Payment Received
Algobit Ltd 10.0 Jun 17th, 2018
Payment Received
CryptoLux 8.9 Jun 15th, 2018
I was getting exactly high interest I wanted.Thank you so much.
CryptoLux 8.9 Jun 15th, 2018
Paying Site,I am very pleased for that and I will reinvest more.
CryptoLux 8.9 Jun 15th, 2018
Still paying! Great program ever, always paid for small and big invest. Thanks
CryptoLux 8.9 Jun 15th, 2018
Still paying! Great program ever, always paid for small and big invest. Thanks
Algobit Ltd 10.0 Jun 15th, 2018
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